Can You Make Calls With An Apple Watch?

Can you make calls with an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a versatile tool that can do many things.

Besides telling time, it can also track your fitness, send messages, and even make calls.

I have the Apple Watch SE 40mm with GPS + cellular (click to view on Amazon), so I can make calls even when my phone isn’t nearby.

Don’t know whether you have a cellular version? Check the listing or receipt where you purchased your Apple Watch.

It will either say GPS, or GPS + Cellular. The only Apple Watches that can make calls without having a phone nearby are the cellular ones.

The GPS models can still receive and make calls, but your iPhone will have to be nearby and connected to the Watch.

Note that you will most likely have to pay a fee to your carrier to enable cellular on your Apple Watch, call or chat with your carrier to find out how to get it enabled on your account.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a call with your Apple Watch.

How good is the Apple Watch for phone calls?

The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can place and receive calls without ever having to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

In fact, many people use their Apple Watches as their primary phone, but I still don’t go anywhere without my phone unless I am going for a run.

I think it works great, since you can also have AirPods (click to view on Amazon) connected to the Watch and do calls with.

How to set up your Apple Watch for making calls

If you’re new to using an Apple Watch, you may not know that you can use it to make calls. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up your watch for making calls.

Please note that your carrier needs to enable cellular for your Apple Watch for this to work without having your phone nearby.

If you have the GPS but not cellular version you can still receive calls, but they will be going via your iPhone. So you need to keep it nearby to keep talking.

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
2. Tap on the My Watch tab.
3. Scroll down and tap on Phone.
4. Turn on the toggle switch next to Allow Calls on Other Devices.
5. Now, when you make a call from your Apple Watch, it will use your iPhone’s number.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can start making calls from your Apple Watch just like you would from your iPhone.

If you are looking for how to turn off phone calls on an Apple Watch, the steps above can be done to toggle the setting to off instead.

How do I call somebody?

Your Watch will have both a phone and a contacts app, and you can use either to start a call to a specific contact.

You can also tell Siri to call somebody in your contacts.

In contacts, you can choose whether you want to make a FaceTime audio call or a regular phone call.

Can I adjust the speaker volume on the Apple Watch on a call?

Yes, just turn the digital crown up or down to adjust the volume.

You can also connect earbuds like the AirPods and use them on a call.

Can I call company support and use the keypad to make choices on an Apple Watch?

Yes, when you’re in a call you can click on the three little dots and choose “Keypad”.

From there you can click on the number you need to navigate through a support system.

How can I quickly mute a call?

If your Apple Watch is going off because of an incoming phone call but you’re not in a place where you want to answer, simply place your other hand on top of the screen to mute the call.

This will not hang up on the other person, but stop your Watch from making noises and/or vibrating.

Troubleshooting tips for making calls on your Apple Watch

If you’re having trouble making calls on your Apple Watch, there are a few things you can try.

  • The first thing you should do is restart both your iPhone and Watch.
  • Make sure it’s connected to cellular by checking the settings on the Watch itself.
  • Talk to your carrier and make sure they have enabled everything necessary for you to make calls on your Watch.
  • If a call fails on a GPS model, it might be because your iPhone is not close enough to the Watch.
  • Just like your iPhone, a cellular Apple Watch must have service to make a call, make sure it has service.


The Apple Watch is a versatile piece of technology that can do more than just tell time.

Besides telling time, the Apple Watch can also make phone calls.

While making a phone call with an Apple Watch may seem complicated at first, it is actually quite simple and only takes a few steps.

With the ability to make phone calls, the Apple Watch is an even more useful tool for those who are always on the go.

Have you started using your Apple Watch more than your phone for calls? Let me know in the comments how it has changed how you stay connected with friends and family.

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