Quarble MagSafe Wall Mount Review (iPhone 13 Pro Max & Pro)

What are MagSafe Accessories for iPhones?

With the release of the past two generations of iPhones (12 and 13), Apple has recently introduced its users to “MagSafe for iPhones.”

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What is MagSafe for iPhones?

MagSafe for iPhones is a circle of magnets built into the back of the phone that allows for better wireless charging and the magnetic attachment of accessories.

It’s like the MagSafe chargers people are used to on Apple’s MacBooks, but the magnetic area is much larger, a little over 2 inches in diameter.

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Because it’s so new, people haven’t really caught on to how amazing this new feature is.

The technology allows for better, faster wireless charging and it’s a pretty cool way to easily attach accessories to the back of your iPhone or even mount it to things.

That’s right, the new iPhone 13 and 12 MagSafe can hold the weight of your phone, with one little catch.

You need to make sure you get a MagSafe accessory that’s designed right and if you use a phone case, it needs to be a MagSafe one like this (click to view on Amazon).

Apple makes its own line of MagSafe accessories but there aren’t very many. If you really want to get the most out of your iPhones MagSafe you will need to turn to third-party developers like Quarble.

Not all third party MagSafe companies make products that work, so you need to be careful about what you buy.

This is my review of one by Quarble, a company that makes tons of different MagSafe mounts that I’ll link to later in this review.


Quarble MagSafe Wall Mount Specs

The Quarble MagSafe wall mount puck is a thin round disk with a circle of magnets inside that work together to create a strong connection to an iPhone’s MagSafe.

It’s 2 1/4 inches in diameter and 3/8 inches thick. For comparison that’s about as thick as an iPhone 13.

It weighs just a few ounces.

iphone 13 pr max with silicone magsafe case being placed on a quarble magsafe wall mount in an rv
iPhone 13 Pro Max next to the Quarble MagSafe wall mount that’s stuck to a wall using double sided tape.

The reason it’s a little thicker than people might expect is that it’s not just a metal plate you stick to the wall, it’s actually more magnets that work together to stick to MagSafe because MagSafe doesn’t stick to metal like a normal magnet.

The puck is covered in silicone which not only protects your phone, it also helps grip it better.

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On the back, there’s a 1 inch metal plate you can use to stick the MagSafe wall mount to regular magnets but it also comes with two round double sided tape pieces you can use to secure it to pretty much anything tape will stick to.

quarble magsafe wall mount with included double sided tape and conversion magsafe ring
Quarble MagSafe wall mount with included accessories (double sided tape & metal ring).

There’s also a round metal ring included with adhesive on the back. You can use it to make anything compatible with the Quarble MagSafe wall mount.

I thought it would be fun to put it on the back of my old iPhone SE, between the silicone case and the phone to see if it would hold it up.

iphone se with quarble metal ring adapter inside the silicone case to make it compatible with the quarble magsafe wall mount
Metal ring adapter that’s included with the Quarble MagSafe wall mount inside an iPhone SE silicone case.

I didn’t think it would work because the case was between the metal ring adapter and the wall mount but I was really surprised to see that it actually held it up.

iphone se being held up by the quarble magsafe wall mount using the included metal ring adapter
Quarble MagSafe wall mount holding an iPhone SE using the metal ring adapter.

I was able to turn the iPhone SE in any direction and even shook it. The connection stayed strong and while it wasn’t as strong as with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pro, it was still really impressive.

If I didn’t already have an iPhone with MagSafe I would have no problem using this method to turn my old iPhone into a MagSafe one for mounting on the wall.

I don’t know that it would be strong enough to use as a car MagSafe mount because the vibrations combined with the inertia from braking might make it fall but it was definitely strong enough to mount it to a wall.

Quarble MagSafe Wall Mount Review

Now for the real question “is the Quarble MagSafe wall mount strong enough to hold an iPhone 13 Pro Max?”

Before purchasing the Quarble I read all of the reviews on Amazon and I saw conflicting opinions about whether it would hold the biggest and heaviest iPhone on the market today.

I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and my wife has the smaller iPhone 13 Pro. I figured if it wouldn’t hold up my phone it would most likely hold up the smaller iPhone 13 so taking the risk was worth it.

iphone 13 pro max being held up by quarble magsafe wall mount
iPhone 13 Pro Max with Apple silicone MagSafe case being held up by the Quarble MagSafe wall mount and double sided tape.

The Quarble MagSafe wall mount holds the weight of either iPhone 13 easily and is much better than expected.

So to answer the question. Yes, the Quarble Magsafe wall mount does hold up the iPhone 13 Max Pro, and it does a good job of it too.

iphone 13 pro being held up by the quarble magsafe wall mount thats taped to the wall
iPhone 13 Pro being held up by the Quarble MagSafe wall mount in my RV.

It’s a great thing to have in common areas around the house where you would normally set down your phone so you don’t risk it getting knocked off a table or sat on.

I usually watch some YouTube videos in the morning while eating breakfast, so I installed one on the wall next to the dinner table. I don’t have to use a stand anymore and my phone is in a safe place.

I haven’t tried the car mount version by Quarble but if it uses the same magnet (which I’m pretty sure it does). I don’t see it having any trouble holding my iPhone even when driving.

For my RV, it’s fantastic. I got a MagSafe wall mount like this instead of a Belkin wireless charger stand (click to view on Amazon) because there’s no way to get power to the charger in the corner where the bed is and there’s nowhere to put it.

I got tired of trying to balance my new iPhone 13 Pro Max on the small shelf I had made and I wanted something that was more secure and wouldn’t damage my phone in any way.

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The only downside I’ve found to this brand of MagSafe wall mount was the double sided tape it came with wasn’t of the highest quality. I ended up using some M3 tape I had lying around.

I was careful to clean both the back of the puck and the wall with rubbing alcohol and I left it for 24 hours after placing it before I put my phone on it.

I have to trust the double sided tape as much as the magnet and I do wish they would add a hole in the center for a screw, like the version by Moment (click to view on Amazon).

So far the tape has held up and my trust issues with double-sided tape are fading.

The last issue I see with this MagSafe wall mount, that I think is the issue with all MagSafe products, is you have to either use no phone case or use a MagSafe case like this one (click to view on Amazon).

Without it, the magnetic connection has to go through the case and the bond won’t be as strong. It’s probably why people said they had issues with the Quarble, they aren’t using the right kind of phone case.

In summary, the Quarble MagSafe Wall Mount is an excellent iPhone 12 and 13 accessory that works. I trust it and think the magnetic connection is just as good as the higher end MagSafe mounts that I’ve tried.


  • Strong Connection to iPhone
  • Will Hold Up the Biggest iPhone (iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • Includes Metal Ring Adapter for Non-MagSafe Products
  • Thin & Lightweight
  • Protective Silicone Coating
  • Versatile (Can be Mounted Anywhere Tape Sticks)


  • Included Double Sided Tape is Low Quality
  • No Hole for a Screw
  • Won’t Work with Non-MagSafe Case (True for Any MagSafe Product So Far)

Have any more questions about the Quarble MagSafe Wall Mount or iPhone MagSafe? Leave a comment below.

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