Best Apple Watch Size for Skinny Wrists? 40/41mm vs 44/45mm

Choosing The Right Apple Watch Size With Skinny Wrists

I recently picked up the new Apple Watch Series 8 as my very first smartwatch.

So far, I have been very happy with my purchase and after using it for a few weeks, I can’t seem to get through my day without it. The option to take calls, answer texts and everything else you can do truly makes me more hands free than I already am.

Although I was excited to get my watch, choosing the size was a bit of a problem for me because I am sadly blessed with rather skinny wrists, making many watches look too big on my arm.

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This article will go into what I based my decision on as well as some advice for others looking to buy the watch.

What Apple Watch Size Should I Get If I Have Skinny Wrists?

There are two sizes to choose from for the Apple Watch – Series 8. There are the 41mm and the 45mm, this is the size of the Watch case.

The 41mm is generally advised if you have a wrist size between 130-200mm (5.1-7.9 inches). The 45mm is generally advised if you have a wrist size of 140-220mm (5.5-8.7 inches).

These are recommendations from Apple but you are of course free to pick whatever size you are most comfortable with.

Get a measurement band and measure your wrist to get a little bit of an understanding of how far up or down you are in the size range advised by Apple.

Things To Consider When Choosing Apple Watch Size

Why Should I Buy the 44/45mm Size?

You may not see much difference when comparing the two watch sizes.

However, after testing both sizes in the store, I realized that the actual size of the display and the usability felt quite different because of the display size difference.

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with a screen that extends to the very edge of the corners, meaning that it’s not only the size of the actual watch but also shows in display size.

For me, I like to use my watch to see my notifications, switch soundtracks, take calls and read texts, etc.

After doing this for a few weeks, I do personally feel that going down in size would bother me since it’s already a fairly small display, compared to when doing the same things on my iPhone.

This is what ultimately made me choose the 44mm size, and so far, I am very happy with my choice.

I’m Afraid the 44/45mm Is Going to Look Too Big on My Small Wrist

I had this mindset at first, however, after using it for some time now, I don’t think it looks too big.

One thing I have noticed is that, if you have your watch high on your arm, it may look a bit big but moving it closer to the start of your hand removes that impression.


My wrist measures about 165mm (6.5 inches)

Some may feel more comfortable in the 40mm size, which is fine.

Although I talked earlier about display and usability, both sizes are completely fine to use and it’s more of a preference for me to have a larger display.

What band should I use?

In my case, I have found that bands that are too wide could also make your wrist look more skinny. I have been using a slightly narrow band for the last couple of weeks and I believe it fits perfectly.

I really like the Solo Loop style, but I buy third-party bands like these from Waspo (click to view on Amazon).


It can be tough choosing the correct size but it is definitely something you should be sure to take into consideration since it’s a rather pricy investment for a watch.

I am happy about my choice to go with the 44/45mm size.

The thing that decided it for me was the display size and if that’s something that is important to you, I highly recommend the larger size.

If you have any questions regarding the Apple Watch or need more help to choose your size, leave me a comment below and I’ll be glad to help you out.

13 thoughts on “Best Apple Watch Size for Skinny Wrists? 40/41mm vs 44/45mm”

  1. my wrist size is about 155mm (6.2 inches) which size do you think will fits me? I actually like the 44mm, but all of the watches that I had(not a smartwatch) was all 40mm and it’s actually fits me well.

    • I would say that the 44mm might feel quite large at first if you’re used to 40mm but it shouldn’t be a problem. For the general sizing guide, you’re still within the advised range for both watches. Personally, I’m glad that I purchased the 44mm for my 165mm wrist and I think it would work perfectly fine for you aswell.

  2. I’m a female. My wrist is SMALLER than 6 inches. I am late 40’s and my eyes aren’t what they once were—I need reading glasses to see up close. Anywho, I’ve tried on both and I am TOTALLY OBSESSING over the 40 and 44 and WHICH TO CHOOSE!!! Ugh! I would like the bigger display but not sure if it is A LOT heavier than the 40 and IS IT GOING TO LOOK LIKE A BOAT ON MY WRIST?!! Suggestions anyone?

    • I am a woman. Small wrists. Would the 44 be too large? I like the size of the watch a lot – not sure if it “looks” right on my tiny wrist?

      • I have tiny wrists, and I enjoy the 44mm. I tried both in the store — both look big on me, but I went for the larger screen. You’ll be glad you did.

  3. I am interested in the size choice between 40 & 44.
    My reason is completely different from others. I am older and don’t want to always need my readers to tell time to read texts, etc..
    I really am not concern what others think. Concerning if it looks big or not on wrist.
    I want to know if there is that big of difference between 40 and 44 for above reasons.

    Thank you

    • Sorry for the late reply Susan, I had missed this comment.

      If you are concerned about the actual practical use in terms of reading notifications, I advice you to go with the 44mm. That’s not saying the 40mm is difficult to read, however I do believe the 44mm would be a better fit for you since it has the larger display.

      I hope you’ll find the right watch for you!

  4. Hi so l am a 13 year old kid and my wrist is 17mm and l was wondering if you can help my with the size l am almost ready for 44mm but l really want the right choice l never had an Apple Watch before and that is a lot of money so l want to get my size right

    I love your article and it helped me a lot😊😁

    • Hey Timon!

      Thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed my article.

      I am sure the 44mm would work fine in your case, your wrist is a bit larger than mine so if you think the picture in the article looks alright, then you know it will look fine on you aswell!

      Enjoy your new watch!

      • Thanks again for the advice l train gymnastics a lot so that’s because l have that size of wrist l think l am going to go for the 44mm now

        Thanks for replying and thanks for being so nice🙏

  5. Great write-up! I am looking to get my first Apple watch; the Series 7. My wrist falls in both recommended categories of the 41 and 45 (approx. 175mm). I tried on my buddy’s 44m Series 4 watch today and although it looked a little big on my wrist, it wasn’t too bad and I think I could live with it. But with the thinner bezel and 45mm size on the 7, I’m afraid it might be just be too big. When looking straight down on my wrist, it’s approx. 56mm top to bottom.

    My eyes aren’t getting any younger so of course I would love the extra real estate on the 45, but I prefer the looks and aesthetics of the 41 (from what I’ve seen people wearing on the web, even though I haven’t tried one on yet).

    I hear great arguments for both sizes so I’m torn! I think the 41mm on the 7 would be kinda close to the 44mm on the 4 with the thinner bezel; don’t you think? I’m leaning the 41mm, but do you think that 4mm will make a huge difference when using the keyboard etc.? I’ve been meaning to make it to an Apple store to try them on and see for myself, but just wanted to get your thoughts.

    Thanks so much!!


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