Smart Door Locks – How Secure Are They Really?

Comfort or security, do we have to choose? Feeling safe is by far the most important thing when it comes to your home. That feeling starts and ends at your doorstep. As technology continues to grow, we’re seeing more advanced security systems for things that we use in our everyday life. More and more people …

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Smart Home For Beginners – 5 Ways To Get Started

Smart Home

Smart Home – An Introduction For Beginners Are you thinking about turning your regular home into a smart home? There’s plenty of ideas around the internet but it could be tough if you’re a beginner to smart home technology. Today I want to talk about making your home more comfortable and efficient. You have probably …

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Best Long Lasting Portable Chargers For Traveling 2024

portable charger

Portable Chargers For Constant Power When Traveling Whenever I am heading out for a longer trip, I always bring my portable charger to make sure my phone stays alive. There is a huge variety of portable chargers on the market and there are definitely some that are better than others. As I wrote another article …

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