Transform Your Amazon Echo Dot Into A Portable Speaker

How To Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot 4/5th Gen Into A Wireless Portable Speaker

After the release of the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen (click to view on Amazon) many people were disappointed that it’s not portable.

Having to keep it plugged into the wall with the included means it can’t be the portable speaker many people are looking for.

Fortunately, there is a different company that has created a product that makes it possible.

Meet the Mission D4 Battery Base for the 4th Gen Echo Dot (click to view on Amazon).

With the Mission Cables battery base, your Echo Dot will stay powered with the help of a 5200mAh battery inside of the base.

That’s enough battery to power the Dot for up to 7-8 hours at 50% volume, or 6 hours at max volume.

Note that this model is only for the Echo Dot, not the larger Echo. If you have the larger Echo, this is the battery base you need (click to view on Amazon).

It’s super easy to use. Put the Echo on the battery base, and the Dot will turn on and work like normal. Now it’s ready to go and be the portable speaker you always wanted!

A little magnetic plate is installed on the Echo to keep the Dot attached to the battery base.

You can use the original Echo adapter to charge the battery, or keep it plugged in and charged so it’s always ready to go.

If there is no battery base available for your model, you could also get a portable battery with an AC outlet, like the Maxoak AC10. It’s small and portable enough to take on an airplane and will power the Echo Dot for several hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Echo as a portable speaker with my iPhone/iPad?

I have written this post that shows how to connect your phone or tablet.

What If I have a different Echo speaker?

GGMM makes battery bases for other Dots as well, so simply search for GGMM on Amazon and see if there is one available for your specific model.

The GGMM D3 for example is for the older and smaller 3rd Gen model.

The GGMM E4 is the one for the larger Echo 4th Gen.

Does it include an Echo Dot?

No, the battery base only includes the battery base and nothing else. You need to purchase the Echo Dot separately.

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