How To Add EA PS Plus Games With EA Access?

Can’t Add Games To Your PS Account Because Of EA Access?

I’ve had a problem for a year now where I haven’t been able to add some PS Plus games from EA because they’re already “in my library” because of EA Access.

After researching it, I was told that I would have to contact Sony so they could remove the license, which would allow me to add the PS Plus license.

However, I never got that done because it’s dumb that I would have to do that.

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Recently, I found a solution that actually works without contacting EA or Sony.

Here is the simple how-to:

  1. Use a browser on a computer, only FireFox worked for me
  2. Go to
  3. Login
  4. Choose Services in the menu, then PS Plus
  5. Choose “This month on PS Plus”
  6. Scroll down and click “Find out more” on the EA game
  7. Now you should be able to add it to your library for free, see that it’s already in your library, or give you the option to purchase it for a cost

It does still tell me it’s in my library because of EA Access, but I now have three choices instead of two.

I hope it will work for you too. Please let me know if you have found a different solution.

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