Can You Charge iPad/iPhone With Any USB C Cable?

Can the iPad and iPhone With USB C & Lightning Ports Charge With Any USB Cable/Adapter?

Yes, as long as the cable is made by a reputable company that has UL certified its products, you can use any USB C cable and charger to charge your iPad or iPhone.

I recommend using the Apple 20W USB C power adapter (click to view on Amazon) to charge your iPhone and iPad. Even if you have an older iPhone or iPad, this will safely charge it as fast as possible.

Buying third-party cables and chargers from unknown brands can be dangerous because their products haven’t been tested and approved as safe products.

What if the charger is rated higher than what the iPad/iPhone can handle?

One great thing about devices with USB C PD like the iPad is that it regulates the input to what is safe for the battery.

The iPad will self-regulate the electricity and not let the battery get destroyed.

The iPhone has the same functionality and if you use a 20W adapter like the one I link to above with a cable like this Apple USB C to Lightning cable (click to view on Amazon) it will quickly charge your phone safely.

Again, if it’s a cable or charger that hasn’t been tested and approved, this might be a problem.

What do you mean by tested and approved?

A product that has been tested by Underwriters’ Laboratories, more known as UL, tests and evaluates products and its components to make sure it’s relatively safe.

If approved, companies pay a small fee to print the UL mark on the product itself.

If you are using a product that has not been approved by UL, your home insurance company might use it against you in case there is a fire in your home.

That’s why it’s worth spending the money on a high-quality approved product.

So what’s the best USB C cable and wall charger that has been “tested and approved”?

I recommend sticking to Apple’s products because then you’ll have more protection and warranty from Apple itself, which is great.

For a cable, I recommend and use the Apple USB C to Lightning cable (click to view on Amazon) to charge my iPhone, AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and old iPad Air.

For USB C, like for my latest iPad Pro I recommend the Apple USB C to USB C charge cable (click to view on Amazon).

The wall charger I use and recommend for iPhone and iPad charging is the Apple 20W USB C power adapter (click to view on Amazon).

Are there any reputable third-party companies I can trust?

Yes, of course. You just need to buy it from a reputable store and make sure it has the UL mark.

If you order chargers from different countries, the company might’ve put a fake UL mark on the product. Steer clear from these companies since they don’t have your device or you in their best interest.

So you should also make sure that products that are advertised to be from Apple actually are made by Apple.

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