How To Reset Apple HomePod/HomePod Mini To Factory Settings

How Do You Reset The HomePod/HomePod Mini To Factory Settings?

The HomePod is a great smart home speaker that works not only as a wireless speaker, but also as a smart assistant with Siri, and a TV speaker if connected to an Apple TV (click to view on Amazon).

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In this article I am going to show you how to reset your HomePod to factory settings.

Step by step guide – How To Reset HomePod/HomePod Mini

Step 1: Unplug the HomePod. Wait 10 seconds.

Step 2: Plug in the HomePod and put your finger on the top of the HomePod. You’ll see the white light turn to red, and Siri will let you know that the HomePod is going to reset. Keep holding until Siri says it’s OK to let go.

Hold your finger on the HomePod until Siri tells you to let go.

Step 3: Wait. Don’t unplug the HomePod.

Step 4: When it’s all done, you can either put your iPhone close to the HomePod to set it up again, or use the Home app on your iPhone/iPad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Setup A Factory Reset HomePod?

If you have a relatively new iPhone/iPad you can just bring your device near the top of the HomePod and the setup will show up on your screen.

Where Can I Buy A HomePod?

The original HomePod has been discontinued, but the new HomePod Mini can be bought from Apple.

Can You Hang A HomePod Mini By An Outlet?

There are outlet wall mounts for the HomePod Mini. I use the Stanstar wall mount which is available in both black and white.

Can You Pair A HomePod With A HomePod Mini?

You can’t create a stereo pair with two different HomePod models. But you can play music through both via AirPlay.

Which HomePod Mini Color Is Better?

The only difference between the two is the color, they’re the same in terms of features and functions.

I like the black model more because it doesn’t show dust, dirt, and debris as much as the white one. I also like that it’s not as apparent on the TV bench. So it depends on how and where you have it set up.

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