Best Wireless Gaming Mouse For Left-Handed

gaming mouse

Wireless Gaming Gear For Left-Handers Choosing the proper equipment is essential for all gamers. Even if you’re just playing for fun, having the gaming gear that suits you can do a whole lot to improve your experience. It can be tough finding the right match for you, probably even more if you’re left-handed as the …

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Smart Door Locks – How Secure Are They Really?

Comfort or security, do we have to choose? Feeling safe is by far the most important thing when it comes to your home. That feeling starts and ends at your doorstep. As technology continues to grow, we’re seeing more advanced security systems for things that we use in our everyday life. More and more people …

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Could Car Chargers Damage Your Phone Battery?

Car Chargers

Could Car Chargers Damage Your Phone Battery? Yes. They could potentially cause damage. In general, the output power from your car battery is not always consistent and is not optimized for your phone. If using a faulty adapter, it could lead to your battery overheating and damaging components. This depends on your phone, charger adapter, …

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Why I Always Carry A Receipt For My Tech When Traveling

Tech Receipt Traveling

Should you bring a receipt for your tech products when traveling? And why? Yes, you should, and I will tell you why. What does that even mean? Well, today we’re going to have a little story time, which hopefully can save someone else from the same trouble I experienced. To start with my background. I’m from …

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Smart Home For Beginners – 5 Ways To Get Started

Smart Home

Smart Home – An Introduction For Beginners Are you thinking about turning your regular home into a smart home? There’s plenty of ideas around the internet but it could be tough if you’re a beginner to smart home technology. Today I want to talk about making your home more comfortable and efficient. You have probably …

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5 Easiest Ways To Find Free WiFi When Traveling

Free wifi

Staying connected while traveling Are you planning a trip to another country and want to avoid crazy data fees? Chances are, you are forced to stay disconnected when you are out of the hotel. Relax, there are ways to come around this by using free WiFi’s. If it’s a short trip, it might not be …

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What Is Wireless Charging And Is It Worth Using?

Wireless Charging

The Progress Of Wireless Charging Today we are going to dig a bit deeper into the history of wireless charging and the technology behind it. We will look at the pros and cons and the difference between wired and wireless charging. We have become more used to this technology as many of the big companies …

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